A new home in the heart
of a friendly neighbourhood
and an oasis of green

A total of 424 apartments for rent have been built at the BOX SEVEN property – 122 of which have been designated for ‘affordable living’. Additionally, some 10,000 m2 of retail and office space has been created along Boxhagener Straße. The urban park within the complex will also include a café.

Apartments for rent
All apartments for rent have now been rented.

Car parking
There are only a few parking spaces left to rent. Please contact the agent City-Concept [Logo mit Firmierung und Adresse] if you are interested in renting one of these. Mr Schepers can be reached at schepers[at]city-concept.de and would be pleased to provide further information.

Gesellschaft für Immobilienmanagement mbH
Niebuhrstraße 19c, 10629 Berlin