EA new home in the heart of a
friendly neighbourhood and
an oasis of green.

The mix is the key

Built on a former commercial site of approx. 26,000 square metres, BOX SEVEN represents the creation of a new, vibrant urban quarter offering a wide range of facets and opportunities. The coherent mix of modern living, green environment, individual architecture and its own small infrastructure make the urban quarter special, blending it harmoniously into the mature structures of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The area’s centrepiece is the large public park, around which the urban quarter’s six small individual sections (A to F) are being developed. In addition to the 424 apartments for rent that they contain, 191 freehold apartments are being built in sections C and D.

Living by the park

Most of the apartments in BOX SEVEN are being offered for rent. In addition, a total of 191 freehold apartments with two to four rooms are being created in sections C and D.


Section A

144 apartments for rent
647 sqm of retail space
2.021 sqm of office/medical practice space


Section B

1.243 sqm of retail space
6.650 sqm of office/medical practice space

73 apartments for rent


Section C

82 apartments for rent

108 freehold apartments


Section D

83 freehold apartments
129 sqm of café space


Section E

105 apartments for rent (affordable living)


Section F

20 apartments for rent
Child day-care centre with 90 to 100 places


A place to meet: the park café


The urban park

The large public urban park offers residents and neighbours plenty of space for relaxing in the surrounding green areas. On the northwest side of the park there is a café – an inviting place to stop, also for parents visiting the nearby playground with their children.


The playground

A large playground area allows children to play on the seesaw, slide, climb or build sandcastles to their hearts’ content.


The child day-care centre

Included in section F is a new child day-care centre with a child-friendly outdoor area.



Boxhagener Strasse has several shops which cater for everyday needs. The development also includes premises for a variety of offices and medical practices.

Outdoor enjoyment

With nearly 50 percent of the site laid out as park and gardens, time spent in BOX SEVEN has a captivating, special quality. Running across the car-free area is a network of open spaces and pathways that leads from all four sides to the large public park – the urban quarter’s green centrepiece. It is possible to walk through the entire plot via these paths.

Along the central park pathway there is a range of options for kids and teenagers to play, plus numerous park benches, which create inviting places for exploring or taking a break. The spacious lawns, the benches beneath entwined pergolas and the park café not far from the public children’s playground are perfect to while away the time. The individual sections of the development also each have their own courtyard area with benches and play areas.

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Open, individual, harmonious

The urban quarter’s enclosed block perimeter style of development, adapted to the structure of the surrounding area, is punctuated by public footpaths. Created as access roads to the respective building entrances, the traffic-calmed walkways can be used for loading, unloading and providing access for emergency vehicles and taxis. There are parking spaces for cars in the individual sections’ underground car parks, which are reached directly from the roads.

BOX SEVEN boasts an architecture rich in variety. Thanks to the involvement of four prestigious firms of architects the ensemble combines bespoke building shapes with façades ranging from the modern to the classic. While each has its own individual character, the new buildings of the verdant residential quarter blend in harmoniously with one another.

Everyday facilities right on your doorstep

The neighbourhood is already equipped with good local amenities – with BOX SEVEN, a small infrastructure of its own is being added: a park café will be opening its doors on the western corner of section D. Along Boxhagener Strasse and on the corner of Holteistrasse a range of retail outlets is being created at ground level, including a supermarket.

On the upper floors of sections A and B there is also space for offices and medical practices. The new child daycare centre being created in section F will offer places for 90 to 100 children. The site includes a child-friendly garden.