The heart of Friedrichshain –
Boxhagener Platz

Few open spaces in Berlin are as colourful or pulsating. In addition to the kids’ playground with its paddling pool and the grassy lawn where the youngsters like to meet these days, ‘Boxi’ is loved above all for its markets: there has been a weekly market here since 1905. Today, it is held on Saturdays and offers above all fresh regional produce, plus many international specialities as well. Also popular is the flea market, where bargain hunters rummage every Sunday and can acquire lots of different creative and curious rarities.

  1. 1 Grundschule am Traveplatz
  2. 2 Kindertagesstätte
  3. 3 Deutsch-spanischer Kindergarten
  4. 4 Zille-Grundschule
  5. 5 Haltestellen
    Tram 21, M13, Bus 240, N40
  6. 6 Berliner Sparkasse
  1. 7 Schreibfederpassage mit Einzelhandel
  2. 8 Modersohn-Grundschule
  3. 9 Kindergarten
  4. 10 Apotheke am Ostkreuz
  5. 11 Zebrano, Bar & Theater – Kleinkunst, Kinderprogramm
  6. 12 Bahnhof Ostkreuz – S-Bahn/Regionalbahn
A great selection of fresh produce and specialities at the weekly market.
A popular meeting place: the ‘Boxi’ lawn.
Bustling, gregarious life in the surrounding streets.

‘Travekiez’: An area unique and full of diversity

A former commercial district, the neighbourhood around Traveplatz is characterised to this day by late 19th-century apartment buildings and a mixture of residential and business use. Mature structures de ne the vibrancy of the area. This is a popular neighbourhood among young families in particular: the relatively central location and good transport links are ideal and the array of places to eat out, community and cultural facilities and small, charming shops is as diverse as the people who live here.